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Variety Pack (Box of 6 twin packs)

  • $38.00


Squirrel's Choice includes: 2 twin packs of Peanut Butter Chocolate and Almond Butter Berets and 1 twin pack each of Sunflower Seed Butter and Tahini Cashew Butter Chocolate Berets.

Peanut-free includes: 2 twin packs each of Almond Butter, 2 Sunflower Seed Butter, and 2 Tahini Cashew Butter Berets.

Nutrition facts can be found on individual product flavors.


Refund Policy:

To help ensure your Berets arrive to you in PSC (Prime Savoring Condition) we offer ground shipping for the west coast and 2 day air shipping for the rest of the country. We make every effort to ensure that each order arrives at your doorstep fresh and ready for you to consume.

While our Berets are wonderfully delicious, they do not like warm temperatures and need to be refrigerated immediately upon arrival. We recommend advanced planning to receive your package during warmer times of year to ensure you can enjoy them at their best. For any questions about safe handling and deliveries please email:

French Squirrel recommends adding Route package insurance to help insure your product arrives in optimal condition. French Squirrel takes no responsibility for Berets left out after they are delivered.