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Why “Berets”?

Berets are nutrient-dense protein bites made with organic, plant-based ingredients, dipped in 100% pure unsweetened chocolate, topped with flakey sea salt, and formed in the shape of the famous, French hats, Berets.

What is the best way to enjoy Berets?

Cold. Straight out of the fridge (or freezer).

Do Berets have to be refrigerated?

Berets are meant to be refrigerated for taste and texture purposes. They are safe to consume out of the fridge for 5 days, but have a 90 day shelf life refrigerated.

How long are Berets good for in the fridge?

90 days upon receipt.

Are Berets organic?

Made with organic ingredients - vegan & gluten-free too!

Where is your chocolate sourced?

We use 100% pure organic unsweetened cacao, sourced from the USA. Choosing the highest quality cacao is very important to us - we never use gums, emulsifiers, or gmos. Cacao in its most raw form with no added sugar, it is also diabetic-friendly.

What happens if my order arrives melted? 

Berets are made with real food ingredients and no preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilizers. While we are proud of this, that means Berets can melt in the warmer months (unfortunately!). From May to October, we aim to prevent this by shipping with cold packs, but sometimes the weather wins. If your order arrives melted, message us at sydney@frenchsquirrel.com and we’d be happy to send a replacement.